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Build Simply is a belief system that starts from deep within EW Howell. It’s a company-wide mandate and a personal goal for every single employee. Build Simply doesn’t mean simple construction, it means a simplified construction experience for our clients.

We use our 130 years of experience in the New York area to remove any unnecessary complications from projects whenever they occur, and turn these highly complex projects into well executed endeavors that are built on-time, on-budget, and with as little fuss as possible.

In the end, the projects aren’t simple, the process is.

“The PM’s are key, they need to be familiar with healthcare. We have a lot more requirements than general construction has.”
“With EW Howell they try to eliminate problems, and work out win-win situations for all involved.”
“Howell’s understanding of publicly active spaces gave us the confidence that they could handle our project.”
“At the interview, Howell demonstrated a working knowledge of our project as well as the cultural center space.
“EW Howell hand picks the team that’s right for the project, not just the team that’s available right now.”
“EW Howell strictly manages estimating and scheduling, because for schools, an ‘open date’ is not a suggestion.”

And the reason EW Howell is able to build simply comes down to the way we have always handled projects. Our pre-construction, planning and project management process are meticulous–and they need to be, as only great planning can yield great results.

Through years of experience, we’ve developed a sector-focused mentality, which has led us to four main industries that we know better than any other construction firm in the New York metro area: Arts & Culture, Healthcare, Retail and Education. Through no accident, these sectors are four of the pillars of New York City, where we’ve been operating since 1946. New York is arguably the most complicated construction environment on the planet, with tight regulations, uncompromising logistical challenges and clients with incredibly high expectations and standards. Everything we do is focused on removing these headaches and issues for our clients, so they can get on to whatever it is that they do best.

Another key to building simply is having rock solid relationships with the right subcontractors. In 130 years of building, we know who is good at what and how to bring in the right partner for the right project. That knowledge is something that we use time and time again to accomplish great results.

And finally, collaboration. A good, give-and-take relationship with our clients, where we work together as partners, is key to our success on projects. Whether it’s as General Contractor or as Construction Manager, we’re brought in to these projects to solve very particular needs, and to help our clients build a critical component of their business.

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