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Live Nation Jones Beach Amphitheater

Live Nation Jones Beach Amphitheater Sunset


The Theater was constructed in 1952 as part of the master plan for the Jones Beach State Park. In 1992 , the theatre underwent an extensive renovation, adding a second level and increasing the capacity. Three more renovations have been undertaken since then.

Phase 1 of the Live Nation Jones Beach Amphitheater design-assist-build project was completed ahead of the 2023 summer concert season. Phase 2 of the project was carried out throughout the summer.

Since transitioning from the preconstruction phase in early February 2023, the Jones Beach Amphitheater project has seen steady progress. Demolition was carried out in the 3+ acre plaza, VIP areas, and 15 private suites. 3,100 linear feet of custom fencing and walls for work zones inside the theater’s public use areas, waterproofing, and precast joint replacements at the upper bowl seating area were installed. 15 private suites were renovated and 13 open-air suites were added.

The transition from Phase 1 into the summer concert season required construction of 3 work zones contained by 3,100 linear feet of custom fencing and walls. Outside of those walls, concert-goers enjoyed all that the venue had to offer. The EW Howell project team and its subcontractors completed the foundation, underground utilities, and structural slab for Live Nation’s new Box Office building.

Following the Jones Beach Amphitheater’s successful 2023 summer concert season in mid-September, the EW Howell team remobilized its complete subcontractor team. By the end of September, the team dismantled and removed all temporary structures and provisions installed. The site was opened back up for the next phase of major work through June 2024, leading to the next summer concert season. Meanwhile, the new Box Office and Member’s Club structures that progressed inside tight fence lines during the 2023 summer concert season began going vertical with steel erection commencing in early October.

The Box Office and Member’s Club continued to progress to TCO ahead of the 2024 concert season, while work commenced on 5 additional new structures and in 10 different major renovation areas. Except for 1 of those new structures, all areas are being worked on to achieve TCO ahead of the summer concert season. The scheduling dynamics of this project, with evolving owner changes and additions, have continued.

The hustle of the Howell team and our subcontractors can’t be understated, as we aim to have the venue open and operating by mid-June 2024.








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