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Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Critical Utility Revitalization Project (CURP)

BNL CURP Overhead


EW Howell Construction Group has partnered with H2M architects + engineers for the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) Critical Utility Revitalization Project (CURP).

This project consists of 17 utility packages that will revitalize and upgrade BNL’s existing major systems including steam, water, sanitary sewer, chilled water, and electrical systems.

A team commitment gathering was held to commemorate the award of the project and recognize the work put into the proposal process. All team members – EW Howell, H2M, Gordon L. Seaman, KSW Mechanical, Ramboll Engineering, and Carson Corporation – were in attendance.

The design development phase is advancing well in this design development phase and nearing completion. This process requires continuous interface and communication with Brookhaven National Laboratory. Upon the completion and acceptance of the various design packages, the owner will issue an NTP for the construction phase.

EW Howell plans to start constructing the first Utility Package in June 2024. This Utility project provides a new 15 kV feeder consisting of 2 sets of paralleled 750 kcmil cable, from Substation 603 (B603) to the Central Chilled Water Facility (B600). This project’s scope of work includes the installation of new electrical manholes, conduit duct banks, new switchgear, and feeders. The project’s primary purpose is to provide the correctly sized electrical feeders to the CCWF after a recent expansion.

We plan to start construction of additional utility package scopes of work within the overall project in July/August 2024 that include:

  • Replacement of steam manholes, steam piping, and condensate piping
  • Replacement of new water valves with the BNL water underground distribution system
  • Installation of a 400 LF new sanitary line for existing buildings





Design-Build, Renovation



BNL Critical Utility Revitalization Project Construction

BNL Critical Utility Revitalization Project Scaffold



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