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Oceanside Library

Oceanside Library Render Image


This project consists of the new 48,000-square-foot Oceanside Library, which provides provides some of the most innovative and sought-after programming in the country; the existing 32,000-square-foot library did not provide them with the space, technology, or flexibility to meet their ever-evolving needs. The Library is situated in a developed suburban area; parking and outdoor space were critical to maintain. Additional square footage was added by demolishing an existing one-story portion of the building and constructing a lower level, first floor, and second floor, to match the existing levels of the portion of the building that is to remain.

The design incorporates many unique spaces such as a theater/stage, a STEM workshop, a podcast room, a demonstration “Discovery” kitchen, a craft room, a café, and a gallery. Sought-after spaces such as meeting rooms and soft seating areas are provided in a variety of sizes and configurations to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for all users. Spaces for adults, teens, tweens, and children are strategically located for ease of access, security, and sound control.

Throughout the building, technology is specifically designed to maximize functionality and versatility of each space, and includes presentation and recording equipment, a room reservation system, Wi-Fi, power, and data access. Sustainability was a key factor in the decision-making process, with highly efficient HVAC and electrical systems, ultra-thermal fenestration packages, a robust building envelope, and low VOC/high recycled content materials and finishes specified throughout.

As of 2024, the project is progressing, with finishes continuing to be installed. Site improvements have begun with parking lot work being completed. The building has been enclosed, which has allowed for flooring and millwork installation to start. The facade installation has also begun with the mounting system, as well as stone & Trespa panels, being installed around the building.

With this progress, the building is expected to be completed by early summer of 2024.






48,000 SQ FT


New Construction

Oceanside Library 2024 Front Shot
Oceanside Library 2024 Side Shot




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