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Columbia University Hamilton Hall

Columbia University Hamilton Hall


Phase I – 40,000 SF – $1.5 Million
This first phase of construction for Columbia University Hamilton Hall included the complete upgrade of the building’s mechanical plant. This involved removal & replacement of the air handlers servicing this 9-story McKim, Meade & White landmark building. Also, the electric service room in the building was relocated with new switchgear & distribution panels being installed. This was done while the building remained in operation. Lastly, new gang bath facilities were constructed to provide service to the entire building.

Phase II – 14,000 SF – $4 Million
EW Howell Construction Group has been on campus since 1999 acting in several capacities, starting as the Pre-Construction Construction Managers and then moving into the Construction Manager position for Hamilton Hall’s extensive multi-phased renovation. Given that the Building is used seven days a week, day and night, special attention was provided to avoid disruption to the end users.

Phase III – 20,000 SF – $4 Million
This 20,000-square-foot interior renovation involved an additional 14 classrooms redone similarly with high-end millwork paneling & trim. The 3,500-square-foot entrance lobby was redone to include all new Italian stonework on flooring and stairs, ornamental plaster crown moldings & friezes to replicate the existing artwork in the lobby, new stairs, new lighting, and the incorporation of century-old stained glass panels into new millwork framed niches. Lastly, the entire Dean’s Suite was made over. This included high-end millwork paneling and trim, strip maple flooring, re-finished stone archways, and custom-built lighting fixtures.

Phase IV – 2,000 SF – $700,000
The fourth of several phases of interior renovations to the McKim, Mead White building. EW Howell built the exterior entry and renovated the lobby on College Way.

Phase V – 4,900 SF – $600,000
The final phase of renovations for Columbia University Hamilton Hall took place over the course of three months. Interior improvements were made to 4 classrooms, 12 offices, and the corridor on the 300 level of Hamilton Hall.







Columbia University Hamilton Hall Office
Columbia University Hamilton Hall Stained Glass


Project Completed in Various Phases



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