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The Waldorf-Astoria



The Waldorf-Astoria is the historic Manhattan hotel located at 301 Park Avenue. EW Howell Construction Group has worked with the Waldorf-Astoria on the following projects:

Completed Projects:

  • China Room Demo – 600 SF demolition and concrete work
  • Peacock Alley Dishwasher – 700SF renovation/upgrade the existing dish machine
  • Empire Ballroom – Renovate/upgrade to existing 3,000 SF Empire Ballroom with new finishes
  • Men’s & Women’s Locker Room Ceiling Tile – Remove and install new ceiling grid and tile in both the men’s and women’s locker room
  • 33rd Floor Water Tank Replacement – Remove/demo existing water tank and replace with a new water tank on the 33rd floor
  • Hilton Ballroom – Renovation/upgrade of existing Hilton ballroom with new finishes
  • Main Hotel Suite & Lower Tower Safe Installation – Modify interior of closet to accommodate the installation of a new safe throughout various guest rooms
  • 3rd Floor Dish Machine – Renovation of third floor dish washing area with MEP services for new equipment
  • 2nd Floor Kitchen Refrigeration & Coat Check – Installation of new walk-in boxes and chocolate shop on second floor & renovation of coat check
  • In-room Rewiring – Installation of cabling, media boxes and new electrical on floors 5 – 8
  • Tank Replacement – Replacement of 2 building water tanks and accessories on the 12th and 21st floors
  • Grease Interceptor – Grease interceptor replacement
  • Guestroom Door Guards & Safes – 3,000 SF door guard modification in 1,400 rooms and room safe enclosures in 180 rooms
  • Vertical Wiring – 10,000 SF installation of new electrical, coax, and fiber optic vertical
  • Bull & Bear Restaurant – This project included a 3,000 SF kitchen renovation. Scope of work included the removal of the existing kitchen equipment & floor slab, installation of new structural slab, MEP services/utilities, and full kitchen fit-out.






100,000 SQ FT Total

Waldorf-Astoria Dining
Waldorf-Astoria Interior



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